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Agartala Flyover at Night, Tripura. Tripura, Agartala Flyover at Night. The Agartala Flyover is a significant infrastructure project located in Agartala, the capital city of the Indian state of Tripura. It is a raised road constructed to alleviate traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency in the city. The flyover spans over a busy junction, allowing vehicles to bypass ground-level intersections, thereby reducing travel time and enhancing safety for commuters. This project reflects the government's commitment to modernizing urban infrastructure in the region, ultimately benefiting the local economy and quality of life for residents. The Agartala Flyover stands as a testament to the importance of strategic urban planning and development in growing cities like Agartala.


Agartala Flyover at Night, Tripura.
Agartala Flyover at Night, Tripura.

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