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Agartala the capital city of Tripura.


Agartala is the capital city of the northeastern state of Tripura, India. Nestled along the India-Bangladesh border, it is known for its lush green landscapes, picturesque hills, and rich cultural heritage. The city is characterized by a blend of modernity and tradition, with bustling markets, historic monuments, and vibrant festivals. Agartala is also home to the Ujjayanta Palace, a magnificent royal residence turned museum, showcasing the state's history and culture. The city is known for its warm and hospitable people, making it a welcoming destination for visitors. With its serene ambiance and unique cultural tapestry, Agartala offers a distinct experience for those exploring the northeastern region of India.

Agartala the capital city of Tripura.
Agartala the capital city of Tripura.




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