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Asia’s first Green Village, Khonoma Nagaland, This quaint village of Khonoma in Kohima district is popular as Asia’s first Green Village. Hunting and logging in the forests here are strictly prohibited. Moreover, it is a no-plastic and pollution-free zone—giving a new definition to sustainable tourism in rural India. Khonoma is indeed a remarkable village located in the Kohima district of the Indian state of Nagaland. It is often referred to as Asia's first green village due to its significant efforts in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Conservation Efforts: Khonoma has gained recognition for its conservation efforts. The village has a strong tradition of protecting its surrounding forests, and hunting and logging are strictly prohibited. The community has established a local hunting ban to conserve wildlife, and they have their own traditional system of forest management. No-Plastic Zone: Khonoma is committed to reducing plastic waste. They have implemented strict measures against the use of plastic within the village. Visitors are encouraged to avoid bringing plastic items into the area to maintain its pristine environment. Pollution-Free Environment: The village promotes a pollution-free atmosphere. Traditional practices, such as using organic farming methods and renewable energy sources, help maintain a clean and green environment. Sustainable Tourism: Khonoma has become a model for sustainable tourism in rural India. The community has embraced eco-tourism as a means of livelihood while ensuring that tourism activities do not harm the environment. Tourists can experience the rich Naga culture, participate in community-based tourism initiatives, and enjoy nature without causing harm to the ecosystem.

Asia’s first Green Village, Khonoma
Asia’s first Green Village, Khonoma


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