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Border Haat, Tripura. Tripura, Border Haat, is a special market place located exactly on the Zero line between India and Bangladesh, where both Indian and Bangladeshi citizens of nearby area can visit and purchase the goods from vendors, who are also from both countries in equal numbers. All the transactions here are Tax free. Both Bangladeshi and Indian currencies are in circulation in the market. Buyers can only purchase in reasonable family consumption quantities.

Border Haat in South Tripura is located at Srinagar in Poang Bari Block of Sabroom Sub-Divison. Market is open on all Tuesdays from 10 A.M. to 3.30 P.M. commodities like Kitchen Utensil (steel), spices, tea leafs, vegetables, fruits, biscuits, bakery items, dry fish, plastics, onion garlic, pulses, addible oil etc. are available in the market.


Border Haat, Tripura.
Border Haat, Tripura.

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