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Dharmanagar Railway Station, Tripura. Tripura, Dharmanagar Railway Station is a railway station located in the town of Dharmanagar in the North Tripura district of the Indian state of Tripura. It is an important railway station in the region and serves as a transportation hub for both passengers and goods.

Dharmanagar Railway Station is located in the town of Dharmanagar, which is the district headquarters of North Tripura.

It is well-connected by rail to various important cities in India. The station is part of the Lumding Division of the Northeast Frontier Railway.

The station is equipped with basic amenities such as waiting rooms, ticket counters, and refreshment stalls for the convenience of passengers.

Several trains pass through or originate from Dharmanagar Railway Station, connecting it to cities like Agartala, Guwahati, Lumding, Silchar, and others.

The railway station is well-connected to the rest of the town and its surrounding areas through various modes of local transportation like rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, and taxis.

Dharmanagar Railway Station plays a crucial role in the transportation of goods and passengers in the region, contributing to the economic activities of the area.


Dharmanagar Railway Station, Tripura.
Dharmanagar Railway Station, Tripura.

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