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Indo-myanmar border, Zokhawthar & Khawmawi, Mizoram. Mizoram, The Indo-Myanmar border refers to the international boundary that separates India and Myanmar. It stretches over 1,643 kilometers and is strategically significant for both nations due to geopolitical, economic, and cultural ties. Zokhawthar and Khawmawi are border towns situated along this boundary. Zokhawthar, located in Mizoram, India, is a crucial trading post facilitating commerce and cultural exchanges between India and Myanmar. It serves as an important gateway for bilateral trade and has witnessed growing economic activity in recent years. Khawmawi, on the other hand, is a town on the Myanmar side of the border, serving as a counterpart to Zokhawthar. Together, these towns play a pivotal role in fostering connectivity and relations between India and Myanmar, contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.


Indo-myanmar border, Zokhawthar & Khawmawi, Mizoram.
Indo-myanmar border, Zokhawthar & Khawmawi, Mizoram.

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