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Jamatia Tribe, Tripura Tripura, The Jamatia are one of the tribal communities found in the northeastern state of Tripura, India. They are predominantly located in the western and southern parts of the state. The Jamatia community has its own distinct culture, language, and traditions. The Jamatia people have their own language, which is known as Jamatia or Baram. It belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family. Like many tribal communities, the Jamatia have their own set of customs, rituals, and traditional practices. These often revolve around agricultural cycles, festivals, and social events. Traditional attire of the Jamatia includes garments like 'Rikutu' (a type of skirt) for women and 'Rikutung' for men. They also wear different ornaments made from materials like beads and metal.

Jamatia Tribe, Tripura
Jamatia Tribe, Tripura


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