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Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh,

Mechuka is a small town located in the West Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is situated in a remote corner of the state, close to the border with China. Mechuka is known for its stunning natural beauty, with lush green valleys, dense forests, and the majestic Siang River flowing through the region. Mechuka is one of the more remote and less-visited destinations in Arunachal Pradesh. Its isolation has helped preserve its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, including snow-capped mountains, pristine rivers, and dense forests. It is often referred to as the "forgotten paradise" due to its breathtaking scenery. Mechuka has a strong Buddhist influence, and there are several monasteries in the area. The most prominent one is the Samten Yongcha Monastery, which offers a beautiful view of the Mechuka Valley.


Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh.
Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh.

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