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Poilwa Village, Nagaland Nagaland, Paddy fields are a common sight in rural areas of Nagaland, especially in villages like Poilwa. Nagaland is a state in the northeastern region of India, known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse indigenous tribes.

Paddy fields are cultivated for rice, which is a staple food in the region. The topography of Nagaland is characterized by hills and valleys, and many villages are situated in the fertile valleys where agriculture, including rice cultivation, is a primary occupation.

Poilwa Village, like many others in Nagaland, likely engages in traditional agricultural practices. The process of cultivating paddy typically involves plowing the fields, preparing seedlings, and then transplanting them into flooded fields. This type of rice cultivation is often known as "wet rice farming" and is a labor-intensive process.

Rice holds significant cultural and economic importance in Nagaland. It is not only a major food source but also plays a crucial role in the cultural rituals and traditions of the various Naga tribes.


Poilwa Village, Nagaland
Poilwa Village, Nagaland

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