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Tareybhir viewpoint at Sadam, Sikkim. Sikkim, Tareybhir viewpoint at Sadam Tarey Bhir is a gorgeous cliff overlooking the lower ranges of the Darjeeling and Kalimpong range of the Himalayas. Located in a small hamlet near Sadam, it is rarely on the list of travellers who come visiting South Sikkim. To go to Tarey Bhir you will have to hire a cab that goes towards Sadam from Namchi. On the way, the road brances into two and you have to take the route that goes towards the right. Tarey Bhir is at a distance of about 16 km from Namchi, near a small village called Sukhbarey. A shabby state tourism board marks the beginning of the walk.


Tareybhir viewpoint at Sadam, Sikkim.
Tareybhir viewpoint at Sadam, Sikkim.

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