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The Anthurium Festival, Mizoram Mizoram, The Anthurium Festival , The Anthurium Festival of Mizoram is a vibrant and colorful celebration that showcases the state's rich culture and the beauty of its native flora. This annual event, usually held in September, is named after the anthurium flower, which is abundantly found in the region. The festival features a grand parade, traditional dances, music performances, and various competitions, including floral arrangements using anthuriums. Visitors from across India and beyond flock to Mizoram during this time to witness the breathtaking display of anthuriums in different shapes and colors. The Anthurium Festival not only promotes the state's unique horticultural heritage but also provides a platform for cultural exchange and tourism, making it a must-visit event for those seeking a glimpse into Mizoram's vibrant culture and natural beauty.

The Anthurium Festival, Mizoram
The Anthurium Festival, Mizoram


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