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The Chakhesang Tribe, Nagaland Nagaland, The Chakhesang Tribe is one of the major Naga tribes situated in the northeastern state of Nagaland, India. They primarily inhabit the Phek district, along with parts of Kohima and Zunheboto districts. Known for their rich cultural heritage, the Chakhesang people have a distinct language, customs, and traditions. Agriculture forms the backbone of their economy, with cultivation of crops like rice, millets, and vegetables being central to their livelihoods. The tribe is known for its vibrant festivals, where traditional music, dance, and elaborate feasts are integral components. The Chakhesang community takes pride in their strong sense of unity and social cohesion, which plays a pivotal role in their collective identity.


The Chakhesang Tribe, Nagaland
The Chakhesang Tribe, Nagaland

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