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The Kasba Kali Temple, Tripura. Tripura, The Kasba Kali Temple is located in Kamalasagar, which is a town in the Indian state of Tripura. Kamalasagar is situated near the Bangladesh border, approximately 27 kilometers away from the capital city of Agartala.

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali, who is often depicted as a fierce and powerful deity. Kali is a significant figure in Hindu mythology, representing destruction, power, and transformation.

The Kasba Kali Temple likely serves as a place of worship and pilgrimage for devotees of the goddess Kali. Temples dedicated to Kali can be found throughout India, each with its own unique cultural and architectural characteristics.


The Kasba Kali Temple, Tripura.
The Kasba Kali Temple, Tripura.

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