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The Marjing Polo, Manipur. Manipur, The Marjing Polo Complex is located in Heingang, Imphal East District, Manipur, India. It is a historical and cultural site dedicated to the traditional Manipuri sport of polo. The complex is known for its significance in the history of polo, which is believed to have originated in Manipur.

Within the complex, there is a statue known as the "Marjing Polo Statue." This statue likely commemorates Marjing, who is considered a deity associated with polo in Manipuri folklore. The statue might depict Marjing riding a polo pony, which is symbolic of the sport's deep roots in the region.

The Marjing Polo Complex serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and history of polo in Manipur. It's a significant landmark for those interested in the sport's origins and its importance in the local culture.


The Marjing Polo, Manipur.
The Marjing Polo, Manipur.

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