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The Sangai Festival, Manipur Manipur, The Sangai festival The Sangai Festival of Manipur is an annual cultural extravaganza celebrated in the northeastern state of India. Named after the Sangai, a rare and endangered deer species found only in Manipur, this festival showcases the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and art forms of the state. Held typically in November, the festival spans for several days and includes a vibrant mix of events, including traditional dance and music performances, sports competitions, art exhibitions, and delicious culinary displays featuring Manipuri cuisine. It provides a platform for locals to exhibit their talents and for visitors to immerse themselves in the diverse and colorful culture of Manipur. The Sangai Festival is not only a celebration of the state's cultural diversity but also a way to promote tourism and encourage the conservation of the Sangai deer and its habitat.

The Sangai Festival, Manipur
The Sangai Festival, Manipur


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