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Tripura’s bamboo and tribal house . Tripura, Tripura is blessed with abundant bamboo resources. The state's climate and topography are conducive to the growth of various bamboo species, making it a vital part of the local ecosystem. Bamboo has been an integral part of the lifestyle of the indigenous tribes in Tripura for centuries. It is used for constructing houses, making various household items, crafting tools, and even as a culinary ingredient. The skilled artisans in Tripura create a wide range of handicrafts from bamboo, including furniture, utensils, musical instruments, and decorative items. These products are not only functional but also hold aesthetic value. Bamboo is a primary material used in the construction of tribal houses. It is readily available, sustainable, and well-suited to the local climate. Thatched roofs made of dried leaves or grass are also common.

Tripura’s tribal and bamboo house
Tripura’s tribal and bamboo house


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